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CRYPTOSNEWZ News:From Fringe Tech to Mainstream Adoption: CESS Discusses the Rise, Current Opportunities, and the Future of Web3 at IVS Crypto 2022

The summit, now in its 14th year, features veterans from the Web3 space, including Nicolas Zaldastani, President of CESS, who provided a technical, operational and business-focused deep dive into Web3.

CESS, Cumulus Encrypted Storage System, is a third generation decentralized, cloud-based data storage protocol designed for Web 3.0. Despite Web3 technologies rapidly growing at the forefront of discussions on how the world should connect, share and do business, many people are left wondering about the growth trajectory of this bleeding-edge technology, the business opportunities and role that Web3 can play in the world. There are misconceptions about In the wider tech space of Web3.

In this context, IVS Crypto 2022 organized a special panel on July 8, 2022 to discuss everything related to Web3. Moderated by Consensys’ Masa Kakia, the panel included industry leaders from Beware Labs, Nakzi Networks and Google, and also included Cess President Nicolas Zaldastani.

Among the topics discussed were the following: What is Web3? How – and why – should businesses join the Web3 revolution? What are some of the big opportunities in the Web3 sector?

The panel also talked in depth about how to develop Web3-native apps; Advantages of a decentralized, Web3-based infrastructure over Web2 systems; How businesses can transition from Web2 to Web3; and how new users can be engaged to operate within this new, unprecedented paradigm.

Cess President Nicolas Zaldastaniuk Commented on the conference and said: “Web3 is about bringing the world’s computing power, data and networks together in a highly secure distributed system. From historic mainframes to Web2.0 to blockchain, Web3 is the most sophisticated technological effort ever made. This will not only make our existing applications more efficient and secure, but will also bring a whole new set of applications that we never thought of. CESS is the web3 storage system that will make sure all this is possible.

Part of Mr. Zaldastani’s conversation focused on ensuring that products and applications meet user expectations given the explosive adoption of Web3 and ensuring fast and performant bare metal configurations with massive storage capacity, and Web3. How 3-Native Businesses Succeed as Operations in a Fast, Free and User-Centric World.

For many people, Web3 is such a revolutionary new way of doing things that it has stunned some, and so they are a little wary of joining the movement without fully understanding it – even many of it. Given the benefits and unparalleled value proposition, Web3-based technologies. As a decentralized storage solution that will serve as the foundation for the Web3 apps of the future, CESS will inform the tech sector about its vision of Web3, decentralized storage and future trends for the tech sector to advance the entire industry. is educating.

CESS is a decentralized storage solution with a unique infrastructure that separates the storage, scheduling, consensus and application layers. It helps in optimizing network performance and achieves wide speeds of up to 10,000 TPS.

With improved efficiencies, lower costs, increased storage capabilities, unique incentive mechanisms for miners and network participants, and a successful private fundraiser, CESS aims to deliver its USPs of high availability, storage space maximization, increasingly high data assurance. is suitably located. Data retrieval on the order of milliseconds, and smart integration and APIs – including support for WASM and EVM compatibility – will help roll out CESS for real-life platforms and projects.

Learn more about the conference here and read more about how CESS is changing the narrative for decentralized Web3 storage.

2022.07.17 14:50