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BIG NEWS NETWORD:CESS Decentralized Cloud-Based Data Storage Protocol Joins BlockchaIn Rio Festival 2022

 6th September 2022.

The festival brought together thousands of attendees and helped CESS showcase its proprietary cloud data storage solution to numerous industry leaders and investors.

CESS - Cumulus Encrypted Storage System - a 3rd-gen decentralized, cloud-based data storage protocol built exclusively for Web3 - has proudly sponsored the BlockchaIn Rio Festival, the largest blockchain event in Latin America. The festival kicked off on September 1, 2022.

The event aims to bring transformative immersion and an eclectic mix of technology, business, culture, and sustainability to all participants and help people, businesses, and public and private concerns prepare for and chart the path for future generations to follow.

The BlockchaiIn Rio Festival is one of the biggest blockchain events held anywhere in the world and is a signal of blockchain awareness, innovation, research, and adoption in the Latin American region. It brings together some of the brightest minds and thought leaders on the planet and features networking sessions, lectures on emergent technologies, live panels, immersive metaverse experiences, a large-scale hackathon, and much more over the next several days.

CESS Marketing Lead John Humphreys-Ramos, a keynote speaker and panel member at the event, said: 'We are proud to sponsor and participate in the groundbreaking BlockchaIn Rio Festival and are happy to join industry pioneers and leaders in discussions on how different solutions and applications can be leveraged to drive value generation, sustainability, and positive outcomes for all. CESS - as a next-gen decentralized cloud storage protocol - is positioned to be the underlying tech and infrastructure powering Web3 applications that are driving those goals."

With the continuous optimization and improvement of the testnet and the upcoming mainnet launch event, CESS will continue summer's fervor this fall - launching a one-year "Pathfinder Campaign" that enables CESS to reach the worldwide Web3 community and build a truly decentralized network. Latin America, as a new and emerging region in the blockchain field, will be the first stop of the "CESS Pathfinder Campaign" in Brazil, at which CESS will promote and share the platform's innovation with a broader audience while building partnerships with more Web3 projects and Web2 businesses. With these advancements, CESS is building a reliable next-gen cloud data storage for the rise of Web3.

CESS Benefits

Multilayer Architecture: The multilayer technical architecture of CESS forms the storage system where the performance of each layer is independent from other layers, helping to balance the system load. The online storage service is not affected in the unlikely event of any single point of failure. It also endows the network with unlimited scalability, allowing it to meet future market demands.

Miner's Dilemma: CESS also overcomes the "miner's dilemma," because the trustless, low-energy consumption consensus mechanism (referred to as R²S) ensures the integrity of consensus nodes. different miners perform duties and are incentivized individually, this prevents conflicts of interest.

Storage Pooling: The CESS network also 'pooling' storage space from all nodes globally,This effectively maximizes the use of shattered storage space to realize intelligent cloud space management. CESS's scheduling service also intelligently distributes user data to nodes across global nodes, maximizing the efficiency of storage space to achieve smart cloud space management.

Data Security, Sensitive, and High-Volume Data Protection is ensured, thanks to uploaded data having multiple backups, sharding encryption, and random decentralized storage by multiple storage miners. Even if a node is maliciously attacked or data is lost or damaged, the multi-copy storage and data recovery mechanism (PoDR²) comes into play, ensuring data integrity, security, and privacy. Furthermore, the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) provides encryption and integrity protection mechanisms for the operational processing of sensitive information.

Cost-Effective and Unlimited Scalability: With expandable cloud storage to meet ever-increasing storage demand needs, users can purchase cloud storage space on-demand at competitive prices, utilizing space effectively while lowering costs.

Worry-Free Data Sharing: Businesses can grant or deny access to anyone and have the ownership of their data while enjoying features that are enforced by the CESS MDRC and proxy re-encryption mechanism.

Data Distribution: With fast data distribution and retrieval (transmission), CESS efficiently processes 'hot data' and 'cold data' through an innovative indexing and caching mechanism, ensuring rapid data transmission with retrieval time within seconds or even milliseconds.

CESS can process massive numbers of high frequency large datasets efficiently via network "pooling" of storage space and offers high data security, retrieval, and availability of up to 99.99% or more. Designed to be the leading decentralized storage platform of the future that is built for high frequency and large-scale enterprise-grade applications, CESS is also creating a cohesive ecosystem with the embedded proprietary technologies needed to power Web3 in the future. Furthermore, by providing users with advanced digital identity solutions, data privacy, and control over their digital assets, CESS is a truly decentralized cloud storage solution with the capability to deliver the Web3 promise of fairness, transparency, and user-owned data.

About CESS

CESS is a decentralized storage solution with a unique infrastructure that separates storage, scheduling, consensus, and the application layer. This helps optimize network performance and achieve massively scaled speeds of up to 10,000 TPS. CESS is the first decentralized storage project that offers full data services for large scale commercial applications. CESS adopts multiple mechanisms and proprietary technologies to ensure the integrity, security, traceability and privacy of data. The efficient, secure and scalable CESS storage system is a key infrastructure component for Web3. Our Random Rotational Selection mechanism (R²S) solves the "Farmer's dilemma and ensures a stable and efficient network. Proof of Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²) guarantees data availability and security. And Multi-Format Data Confirmation (MDRC) provides data ownership protection. From CESS's system architecture, code implementations, functionality designs, product delivery and business strategies, every aspect and detail has shown CESS's determination to deliver excellent performance as a decentralized storage.

CESS is equipped with integrated APIs and SDK for easy deployment of applications on the network. It supports WASM and is compatible with EVM smart contracts, making CESS widely available for most commercial applications, even massive-scale, with its superior performance in data handling.

CESS supports use cases such as Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, streaming media, and all Web2 and Web3 storage, helping to build a diverse and robust ecosystem where transactions are secured by encryption and data ownership returned to its rightful owners.


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