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SucCESS Stories

CESS’s Global Journey: From KBW to TOKEN2049

The Web3 industry and blockchain technology are rapidly evolving, creating a decentralized ecosystem that prioritizes user ownership and collaboration. A report by GrandView predicts that the global Web3 blockchain market will reach $33.53 billion by 2030. CESS, as the first decentralized storage network for large-scale commercial storage, provides advanced and scalable infrastructure for the industry and developers. One of CESS’s visions is to drive widespread adoption of Web3, ushering in an era where data is interconnected, shared, and valued. CESS actively participates in global industry events, engaging with local users, and contributing to industry innovation.

In July 2023, CESS joined and had insightful discussion with Web3 enthusiasts, startups, companies, investors, government officials, and media from Japan and around the world at Tokyo International Forum. The focus was on integrating decentralized technologies like blockchain into traditional industries and fostering global business collaboration among enterprises. CESS also attended ETHCC (The Ethereum Community Conference) and Paris Dot Comm in Paris in the same month, exploring the expansion of these mature ecosystems.

From August 26th to 31st, during Stanford Blockchain Week 2023 in the United States, CESS actively participated in a series of conferences, summits, and events at Stanford University. This allowed us to engage in valuable exchanges and learning experiences with top global blockchain experts and industry leaders.

In just the first half of September, CESS has already participated in Korea Blockchain Week 2023 and has now arrived in Singapore to host and attend a series of events. This marks our third attendance at the TOKEN2049 conference!

A Recap of CESS at KBW

The annual Korea Blockchain Week organized by FACTBLOCK and co-hosted by Hashed, successfully took place from September 4th to 10th. This event, now in its sixth edition, brought together experts, innovators, and professionals in the blockchain field to discuss, redefine, and envision the future of the decentralized era. CESS took this opportunity to showcase its latest insights and innovations in decentralized storage solutions, receiving praise and recognition from users and industry insiders.

CESS participated in the event “Driving Real Changes: The Road to Mass Adoption” hosted by Klaytn on September 5th. The event was one of Korea’s largest blockchain platforms. During the event, CESS’s Co-founder & COO, Jessie Dai, was invited to deliver a speech on “How CESS Facilitates Mass Adoption of Web3.” Together with renowned projects like WEB3EVENT, LBANK Labs, zkMe, Secure3, and others, she explored mainstream trends and innovative opportunities in the Web3 space.