CESS Community Co-builder Program
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1. Total White List Quantity: 100,000, first come, first served.
2. Valid CESS account addresses start with cX... How to get a CESS Account Address
3. Invited individuals who become white-listed will receive 2 $CESS and a 180-day right to use 1T storage node staking tokens.
4. The inviter will receive 5 $CESS for successfully inviting someone to the white list. If the white-listed address becomes a storage node after the CESS mainnet is launched, the inviter will receive an additional 2% bonus based on the staking quantity of the white-listed node.
5. To guarantee whitelist allocation to genuine users, we'll scrutinize sybil accounts post-program. Final interpretation rights rest with the CESS DAO.


Q: Is there any threshold or requirement for participating in the event registration?
A: The Community Builder Program has no threshold, and anyone can participate. Invite more people to register at the whitelist address and receive additional rewards!

Q: How long will the event last?
A: The event will officially start on January 17, 2024, and will conclude when 100,000 whitelist registrations are completed.

Q: What is the total number of whitelist spots for the event?
A: The whitelist is limited, and only 100,000 whitelist spots for storage nodes are available this time. First come, first served!

Q: Where can I check my invitation records and rewards?
A: You can view your invitation records and rewards on the official website's activity page.

Q: When will the rewards be distributed?
A: Rewards will be distributed within one month after the mainnet is launched.