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Cumulus Encrypted Storage System
Your Data, Your Right
Blockchain Powered Decentralized Storage and Content Delivery Network Infrastructure for Web3
CESS (Cumulus Encrypted Storage System) is a blockchain powered decentralized storage and content delivery network (CDN) infrastructure for Web3. Users and creators alike use the platform for on-chain data sharing, whilst builders can develop and deploy DApps.

Offering the most optimal Web3 solution for storing and retrieving high-frequency dynamic data, CESS reshapes the value distribution and circulation of data assets whilst ensuring data sovereignty and user privacy.

By utilizing a decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) model, CESS drives mass deployment of network nodes globally through incentives.
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Storage Solutions for Hot, Warm, and Cold Data.
Multiple encrypted copies are sliced and dispersed across global nodes, eliminating single-point failures, data leaks, and slow retrieval.
Dynamic Data
Our Advantages
Fully Decentralized
Data Recovery Guarantee
Data Ownership Traceability
Safe Data and Asset Sharing
Fast Data Retrieval
Storage Space Maximisation
Host. Build. Earn.
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