Decentralized Storage
with Infinite Possibilities
The first decentralized cloud storage network to bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2 for large-scale commercial enterprise applications.
Store Your Data
Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS)
A decentralized cloud storage network for online data storage and real-time sharing;providing a full-stack solution for Web3 high-frequency dynamic data storage. Users and creators may freely share and trade data and assets within the CESS network, regaining absolute ownership and control of their data. Our key technologies and innovations guarantee a prosperous, diverse, secure, and private data economics ecosystem.
Technical Advantages
CESS’s fair consensus mechanism (R²S) prevents node monopoly and ends the “miners’ dilemma.” The participation threshold for each node is fair and transparent. Altogether, it guarantees the efficiency of network consensus and block generation.
Scalable network with 10,000 TP and expandable storage space to meet the ever-increasing storage demand.
All uploaded data is duplicated, encrypted, and sharded before being stored in different nodes across the globe, achieving high degrees of data security and 99.99% data availability even if the system is under malicious attack or physically damaged in a natural disaster.
CESS’s millisecond data retrieval speed is achieved by well-designed network architecture and the assignment of two new miner types: cache and retrieval. First, rewards for retrieval miners on-chain were increased to further improve bandwidth quality; then the network was designed to store the requested data in the cache library in advance through the cache nodes. It can efficiently handle hot and cold data, ultimately achieving millisecond-level indexing, discovery, and return data to requesting applications quickly and securely.
DeOSS is a decentralized object-based mass storage service on the CESS network. It is a tool for storing and retrieving unstructured data and its metadata using HTTP API. DeOSS provides low-cost, secure, and scalable distributed storage service for high-frequency data storage needs. DeOSS protects data availability and integrity to empower users to control their data ownership. Both individuals and businesses can leverage DeOSS to securely store, administer and safeguard data.
Through pooling technology and a fair incentive mechanism, CESS achieves scalable and unlimited storage; using the innovative R²S consensus to implement intelligent management and scheduling services, CESS realizes how intelligent space management avoids wasting storage resources and maximizes storage space utilization.
MDRC extracts the digital fingerprints from data and stores them on-chain to prevent tampering. The uploaded digital fingerprints serve as proof of data ownership, enabling the tracing and visualizing of the data blood relationship on the CESS blockchain explorer.
Individuals or enterprises deploy applications through the built-in APIs, DeOSS, and SDK. Custom APIs for businesses are also available. The CESS network is cross-ecosystem, cross-platform, cross-chain friendly, supports WASM and EVM, and is compatible with both Web3 and Web2.
A full-stack solution for all your data storage needs
Our meticulously designed 4-tiered architecture consists of a blockchain layer, a data storage layer, a content distribution layer, and an application layer.
Application Layer
Web Application
NFT Platform
Network Disk
Distributed Application
Distributed Content
Delivery Layer
Distributed Storage
Resource Layer
Blockchain Layer
Smart Contract
Consensus Algorithm
Proof of Storage
Transaction System
Incentive Mechanism
Encryption System
Blockchain Explorer
P2P Protocols
Web3.0 Decentralized Cloud Storage
CESS has facilitated the integration of its storage functionality by building a Substrate-based decentralized storage pallet for all compatible projects, as well as providing custom decentralized cloud services such as DeOSS (Decentralized Object Storage Service). CESS is ready and able to cater for cross-chain, cross-platform and cross-ecosystem applications.
We are backing up blocks
across a rapidly increasing number of networks,
aiming to create a robust and diversified ecosystem and give back to the community.
Share. Build. Earn
Share Space, Earn CESS
Fair Rewards, Easy Set-Up Low Energy Ends Node Monopoly
Anyone can join and be rewarded by providing verifiable hard drive space to the network.
Run contracts, farm CESS
Staking Rewards Decentralized Trustless, Secure & Stable Random Rotational Selection Consensus Mechanism (R²S)
Consensus nodes on duty stake CESS tokens to process smart contracts and earn block & transaction rewards.
Build data-rich dApps, or use DeCloud
Scalable Real-Time And High-Frequency Dynamic Storage Low-Barriers,Uncapped-Supply
Developers can easily build commercial and large-scale applications (dApps) on-chain. Users around the globe can get access to CESS storage.
Use Case
Decentralized Cloud Drive Users of any kind can access CESS's massive, dynamic, and personalized data decentralized storage platform that is easy to use with distinguished features including near impossible data loss and optional privacy encryption. Read More
Online Data Sharing Platform CESS’s platform supports all text, image, audio, and video data types. Applications of any kind can be launched on the CESS network, where users can share and manage their own data online. Read More
Streaming Media, Music, and Film Industry CESS’s network provides effortless streaming services for any audio or video content. Producers and creators can publish and share their work on CESS, where the origins of all data can be traced, effectively blocking thieves from falsely claiming ownership. Read More
NFT, Metaverse, GameFi Combine games, blockchain and AI to build a richer and safer virtual reality with CESS. The smooth integration of the three is possible with CESS’s rapid data transmission. Read More
DeFi All NFT and DeFi digital assets are protected by CESS’s data right technology (MDRC), capable of processing all data types and providing complete data traceability, giving data ownership back to the users. Read More
Data Marketplace Datasets can be shared, sold, and purchased on CESS’s one-stop data trading platform. This provides businesses or individuals access to quality datasets. CESS could provide a secure platform for the research community to share higher level data to accelerate research efforts. Read More
Milestones & Roadmap
The CESS start-up team was formed to conceive and design a prototype of a decentralized cloud data network infrastructure.
Complete the preliminary design and vision of CCESS decentralized cloud storage system products;Complete the architecture design and theoretical verification of CESS decentralized cloud storage multi-layer network architecture based on blockchain;Preliminary design of several key CESS technologies (R²S, MDRC and PoDR²) was completed. 
Completed and published the CESS v0.1 white paper;Complete CESS economic model design;Complete the first edition of the CESS website;Complete the design and development of CESS testnet v0.1 to implement storage miner testing on BSC;Complete the CESS decentralized network disk demo test on BSC.Completed W3F Grants Milestone 1. 
Complete the development and release of CESS testnet v0.1.2 - v0.6.0;participated in the 4th Polkadot Hackathon and won the Asia-Pacific Championship;Completion of W3F Grants milestones 2 and 3;Successfully selected for the Substrate Builder Program and completed Milestone 1 & 2;Successfully contributed Substrate storage pallets to W3F Grants;Added smart contract compatible EVM module;Completed the release of CESS lightweight blockchain explorer Substats v0.1.0;Complete the development, testing and release of decentralized object storage (DeOSS);Complete R²S and PoDR² development and testing based on TEE technology;Complete CESS testnet to support native Dapps performance testing and technology development.
CESS decentralized cloud storage mainnet v1.0 was launched;Publication of the CESS Economic White Paper;Completed CESS lightweight blockchain explorer Substats v1.0;Complete the development, testing and release of CSO proxy re-encryption technology;Complete the development, testing, and release of CESS retrieval nodes and cache nodes;Launched a decentralized storage user client based on CESS Protocol; Released CESS Protocol decentralized cloud storage data sharing protocol;Complete technical and development tool support for decentralized social and streaming media applications based on CESS mainnet. 
Implement CESS Decentralized Cloud Storage Data Network 2.0;Complete the security and stability of CESS decentralized cloud storage system enterprise storage network.
Complete the CSO Technical Yellow Paper;Achieve high compatibility and high availability of CESS system enterprise storage.
Achieve DAO autonomy in the CESS community;Realize a new ecosystem of data economy with CESS prosperity, diversity, security and privacy.
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