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A Community-Driven Data Value Network
Integrating decentralized storage and CD²N, offering data economy infrastructure
Pooling storage resources into a unified pool, ensuring authenticity, data integrity, security, and decentralized consensus
Ensures the security, integrity, and availability of data
Validates space through the generation of idle files
Secures the circulation of data
Dual randomness guarantees decentralization
Adopting data redunancy and radom challege mechanisms
Idle files are generated in a Stacked Bipartite Expanders directed acyclic graph and verified through random challenges
PReT enables the sharing, circulation, and transfer of data ownership among users without disclosing data privacy
Validators rotate based on consensus node scores, with the top 11 becoming next round's validators. Validators execute a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) to produce blocks
Designed for Efficiency,
Security, and Scalability
Supports storage and retrieval of high-frequency dynamic data
Supports storage and retrieval of high-frequency dynamic data
Distributed Storage System
Social Media
Streaming Applications
Data Trading Market
Blockchain Storage
Creator Economy Platform
Data Lake
Biological Data
Distributed Storage System--Suitable for both personal and large-scale commercial storage
Social Media--CESS ensures secure, scalable storage and real-time updates, aligning with user data sovereignty
Streaming Applications--Ideal for large file management, offering high security and global sharing capabilities
Data Trading Market--Facilitates data monetization and circulation
Blockchain Storage--Offers cost-effective, trustless storage for blockchain data, including Layer 1 and Layer 2 solutions
Creator Economy Platform--Combines decentralized storage and content distribution, catering to copyright and traceability needs
Data Lake-- Decentralized Object Storage Service (DeOSS) aids in cost-effective data management and AI utilization
Biological Data--Addresses large-scale storage and retrieval challenges, ensuring data rights and traceability