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CESS Global Ambassador Program
You are wanted!
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Who do we need?
*Be active in the community by maintaining order, sharing updates, and supporting users. *Organize online and in-person community events. *Manage regional communities and potentially become the designated CESS ambassador for the region(country). *Promote CESS in other communities to attract new users.
*Become a part of CESS's core technical team and contribute to testing and enhancing the code. *Assist in managing technical communities across different platforms. *Educale new CESS miners and provide support for miner management and assistance.
*Individuals with expertise in producing multimedia content. *Create original content promoting CESS and share on your social media. *Multilingual ambassadors can translate and share official CESS documents and articles.
Growth Path
Ambassadors showcasing outstanding performance and involvement may progress to elevated levels of ambassadorship,enabling them to assume more responsibilities and enjoy enhanced rewards and community advantages.
Junior ambassador Intermediate ambassador Senior ambassador
Through our thoughtfully crafted ambassador advancement structure, we enable exceptional talents to realize their full potential within the CESS ecosystem.
Ambassador Benefits
As a CESS Ambassador, you will receive great perks and rewards as well as gain valuable experience to jumpstart your Web3 career or enhance your existing expertise.
Access to the latest CESS information:
Ambassadors will work closely with CESS and be able to be the first to learn about CESS's project progress and news, including technology, products, market, and industry information.
Become an early ecosystem contributor and cloud partner of CESS
Ambassadors can contribute early to CESS by training miners and operating nodes, and become cloud partners. They can accumulate tokens and community resources, and offer cloud services to enterprises and individual users cooperating with CESS. Ambassadors can achieve personal success in entrepreneurship by participating in the low-cost and profitable cloud agency
Personal IP Development
Ambassadors are presented with opportunities to attend industry summits covering various technological and related subjects. These events allow them to engage in meaningful conference activities and connect with influential thought leaders in the industry.
Token incentives and gifts
Ambassadors are eligible to receive tokens and exclusive gifts as part of our generous incentive program
Personal branding opportunities
CESS offers exciting international exchange opportunities, enabling ambassadors to establish their personal IP. This includes speaking at prominent global ecosystem events, both online and in-person. Additionally, personal social media accounts may gain greater attention and influence through participation in these events.
Gain influence
As a CESS ambassador, you will be showcased publicly in the community and granted a unique icon and certificate. This honorary award will be stored on CESS's decentralized cloud storage, and your speeches, content output, and actions will have an impact on the development of the CESS ecosystem and the larger Web3 landscape.