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SucCESS Stories

CESS & Substrate Monthly Technical Report​​

1. Important Technological Deliveries

Blockchain Network

  • Released cess-v0.4.0. Details 

  • Added challenge clearing function, after the challenge time expires, the miners who have not completed the challenge will be punished

Distributed Storage System

  • Released the storage miner bucket v0.4.0 version. Details

  • Released cess-portal-v0.4.0 version. Details

Scheduling Service

  • Completed the development of scheduling service v0.1.0 and released it to cess-bootstrap. Details

  • Recorded each subtask, file upload and download processes are recorded separately in the scheduling service with an independent log.

Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²)

  • Added the file chunk function module to realize the function of generating key pairs and digital signatures in the SGX environment.

  • Fixed the bug that the file tag cannot be calculated concurrently in the proof library.

  • Added a one-click startup script service bound to the consensus node and the scheduling service.

2. Technical Solution

1. Designed a new proof module to adapt to PoDR² proof. Details

2. Reduced bandwidth of network transmission. Details

3. Technical Documentation and References

Developer documentation:2022.04 CESS & Substrate Technical Monthly Report. Link

Github Link

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