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Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (CESS) Testnet v0.7.0 Will Launch on Aug 31st

The latest CESS testnet update, iteration v0.7.0, will be released on August 31st at 8:00 (UTC 0).

The latest update brings significant upgrades and improvements including; Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²), Proof of Idle Space (PoIS) mechanism, Decentralized Object Storage Service (DeOSS) and Consensus Nodes.

CESS has released eight iterations of its testnet, its most active iteration having reached 6,300 deployed nodes.

Here’s an in-depth look at the features of this version:

Major Upgrades

- Introducing the innovative Proof of Idle Space (PoIS) mechanism, replacing the previous method of idle space filling, significantly improving idle space authentication speed.

- Adding a snapshot verification process for the Proof of Data Reduplication and Recovery (PoDR²) mechanism, resolving outstanding issues — storage nodes submitting partial proof for active data can now pass validation.

- Upgrading the SGX-based TEE Worker, including: Introducing gRPC to replace the existing Kafka internal communication method, enhancing message transmission stability;Updating the p2p module, combined with gRPC, to achieve efficient remote service invocation.

- Introducing a customer experience improvement plan, participating storage node clients will anonymously share client log data to improve testnet performance.


- Adjusting DeOSS authorization functionality to support users authorizing multiple DeOSS gateways simultaneously, enhancing flexibility and scope in gateway operations.

- Enhancing the TEE Worker registration function for consensus nodes to ensure that the whitelist of registered nodes is free from duplicates

- Increasing the time limit for challenge validation periods to prevent process delays caused by nodes not submitting proof to TEE Worker.

Reward Rules for Testnet v0.7.0

Storage Miner

The storage miners will share 8000 points in total for v0.7.0, which is equivalent to 800,000 CESS tokens. The final points of each miner are calculated based on the percentage of the miner’s contributed power in the network’s total storage power.

For example, if the total storage power of the entire network is 10,000 GiB, and the effective power of miner A at the end of the test is 100 GiB, then miner A gets 80 points for this round.

CESS faucet link.

Note: Each miner has to contribute at least 1G storage power to be qualified. Check the storage power for the entire testnet or individual storage miners here.

Consensus Miner

The reward will be disclosed when the test ends. Contact our administrators on the CESS Telegram group to get TCESS for staking.

The miner reward information will be posted on CESS Twitter account. After the CESS mainnet goes live, rewards will be distributed at a ratio of 1:100 (i.e., 1 point is equivalent to 100 CESS tokens). CESS reserves all the rights for the final explanation.


- CESS Account Manual: https://docs.cess.cloud/cess-build-book/cess-accounts

- Storage Node Manual: https://docs.cess.cloud/cess-build-book/storage-miner

- Consensus Node Manual: https://docs.cess.cloud/cess-build-book/consensus-miner

- DeOSS Instruction: https://docs.cess.cloud/deoss/

- DAPPs Deployment Manual (ink and EVM): https://docs.cess.cloud/cess-build-book/dapp-deployment

Should you encounter any issues while joining the testnet, please contact our team via CESS’s official Telegram group. We will provide you with assistance and support throughout the process.

Blueprint for sucCESS

The technological upgrades introduced in CESS-v0.7.0 will provide developers and enterprises with more effective storage tools and services. Developers will be able to build and deploy DApps on CESS network ecosystem with greater ease. CESS network is engineered to efficiently process the massive data storage and sharing requirements of commercial-grade applications.

CESS-v0.7.0 also provides an upgrade to the TEE Worker registration for node operators and introduces an innovative mechanism, Proof of Idle Space (PoIS), which improves storage space utilization and authentication, creating a fairer and more efficient node participatio and operation.

The customer experience improvement plan collects client experience and feedback through end-to-end sharing and coordinates the supply and demand of storage resource providers and demanders. It will continuously improve storage security, flexibility, performance, and scalability.

CESS-v0.7.0 will provide faster access to data and increase system availability and operability. Consensus nodes will be subject to fairer participation and storage nodes will benefit from more efficient space utilization. The combination of improvements and fixes brought by the new testnet iteration injects fresh energy and new potential into the decentralized cloud storage industry.

2023.08.30 15:55